Original Award Winning Gin

A smooth balanced gin, that on the nose delivers a floral bouquet followed by a juniper and citrus freshness. On the palate we have a dry juniper taste balanced with zesty grapefruit and orange with the added delicate floral flavours of Lavender and Rose and the subtle heat of Cardamom.


Spiced Gin

A multi-layered and well-balanced London dry gin with fresh rose and Juniper character. A dense mouthfeel with a gentle spice and citrus backbone.


Gin Gift With Spirit Measure

20cl bottles of ORIGINAL and SPICED GIN together with a copper coated 50/25ml spirit jigger in a gift-wrapped box.


Prestwich Gin Glasses

A 70cl, long stemmed gin glass. The perfect glass to serve a Prestwich Gin and tonic or a cocktail of your choice!

£8.00 limited availability!


Tonics & Mixers

Artisan Drinks are an outstanding range of mixer drinks that complement our award-winning gins rather than drowning them in sugar or artificial ingredients.

With craft quality on the inside and out, the labels feature the iconic images of internationally acclaimed artist Alan Walsh. The art inside the bottle come from Mikey Enright who has developed each recipe using the finest natural ingredients.

Classic London Tonic - ideal for classic tonic to complement our Original and or Spiced gin.
Skinny London Tonic - a low calorie, stereotype buster, with natural citrus flavours to allow our premium Prestwich gins to stand out.
Amalfi Lime Tonic - an aromatic citrus blend inspired by the Amalfi Coast, a perfect alternative to "a tonic" with our Original Gin.
Fiery Ginger Beer - with a hint of chilli, this is the perfect alternative to a ginger ale with our Spiced Gin.

Each tonic / beer is 200ml.


Artisan Drinks Gift Pack

4 x 200ml Tonics in a gift pack, the pack includes Pink Citrus Tonic, Amalfi Lime Tonic, Skinny and Classic London Tonics. Artisan Drinks has been voted the best tasting tonic by the worlds largest subscription gin club, with pink Citrus at #1, Amalfi Line #2 and Classic London Tonic at #4!